SDK cashier quick access guidelines

Scene introduction

App payment is applicable to businesses integrating opay payment function in app application.

The merchant app calls the SDK provided by opay, and the SDK calls the payment module in opay's app. If the user has installed the opay app, the merchant app will jump to opay to complete the payment, then jump back to the merchant app after the payment, and finally display the payment results. If the user does not install the opay app, the merchant app will set up the opay web page payment cashier, and the user will log in to the opay account and display the payment results after payment.

Currently supported versions are opay v2.15 and Android v2.3

Product flow

1. The user selects the order, recharge or confirm purchase in the merchant app, enters the payment phase, selects opay payment, and the user clicks confirm payment.

2. Enter the opay app page, start the opay payment, and the confirm payment interface appears.

3. The user confirms the payee and amount, and clicks pay now to open the password input interface.

4. After entering the correct password, opay will display the payment result.

5. After the payment is successful, it will automatically jump back to the merchant app, and the merchant will display the order processing results according to the payment results.

Entry criteria

o Must have a certified and audited opay account before applying.

o Enterprises or individual businesses can apply.

o A true and valid business license is required, and the name of opay account should be consistent with the subject of the business license.

o The website can be visited normally and the page display is complete. The website needs to have clear business content and complete commodity information.

Resource downloading

o Download the latest opay SDK package

o Download other development and design resources

Charging mode

o Rate: 1% for all industries; from November 25, 2019