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Merchant fast access process guidelines

Merchant settlement is a specific scenario or industry solution provided by developers to users in the form of software. After entering the open platform, service providers with development capabilities need to access OPay's various products (such as QR Code scanning, coupon issuing, wallet, etc.) interface by creating applications and develop them. Based on the understanding of the industry and business scenarios, solutions that can meet market needs are created to serve users in the form of applications.

At present, open platform applications are divided into two categories according to the objects of use: self-developed applications and third-party applications (merchant service applications).

o self-developed applications: develop applications for yourself or your company using open functionality. Self-developed applications are divided into web/mobile.

o third-party applications: applicable to service providers to develop applications for merchants and expand their use.

If your application is a third-party application (that is, for the use of merchants), the merchants need to authorize the application. After the authorization is completed, the developer can help merchants complete the corresponding business logic, such as initiating the in-person payment receipt request on behalf of merchants. The developer can guide the merchant to authorize the application on the merchant management platform through one of the two ways of invitation qr code or URL link provided by the open platform. If the application contains a product that needs to be selected by the merchant, the developer can send a signing link to guide the merchant to submit the signing materials to the merchant management platform.

Step 1: register your account

1. If you have an Opay account, use [Opay account] to log in the management platform.

2. If you do not have an Opay account, you need to register an Opay merchant account. Click to register.

3. After logging in, you can enter to view relevant ability introduction and development access documents and complete relevant product Settings.

Step 2: merchant platform settlement

Log in with Opay account, choose the identity role you want to log in according to the registration guidelines, improve the identity information and become an open platform partner.

Step 3: developer product development and launch

Log into Opay account to select access products, obtain product keys and access manuals for development, debugging and on-line.

The application creation and use process is as follows: